Top In-Demand VR Skills Studios Want

June 21, 2023

Virtual reality (VR) technology places users in entirely new worlds with the help of a headset. VR has rewired gaming development and has the potential to transform industries as diverse as healthcare, sports, retail, education, entertainment, aerospace, automotive, real estate, military defense, manufacturing and more.

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ggLocators GDC Recap

We were thrilled to attend the Game Developers Conference in March, and be invited to present. Iris Moon and Cami Smith spoke on a panel “Tips From the Trenches: How To Help Recruiters and Hiring Managers Get You In The Door” alongside other industry veterans from multiple different studios.  Niccole Minka, former GGLocators teammate was the moderator. It was an incredible week both on and off stage, and we’ve grown as a team from the experience. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorite and more memorable takeaways from this incredible experience.

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