May 04, 2022

We were thrilled to attend the Game Developers Conference in March, and be invited to present. Iris Moon and Cami Smith spoke on a panel “Tips From the Trenches: How To Help Recruiters and Hiring Managers Get You In The Door” alongside other industry veterans from multiple different studios.  Niccole Minka, former GGLocators teammate was the moderator. It was an incredible week both on and off stage, and we’ve grown as a team from the experience. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorite and more memorable takeaways from this incredible experience.

“It was so nice to be back at GDC in person and seeing so many friends.” Cami Smith said when asked about her biggest takeaway from the week. Cami coordinated the panel we spoke on and did an incredible job with both content and speakers for the event. “They turned people away at the door! There were 28 other panels, workshops, and talks going on at the same time so it was great that so many wanted to hear our talk “They came from all parts of the industry.” We are so thankful for Cami and her ability to throw together a substantial amount of talent and content for this panel.

When asking what she personally got out of the convention, our Managing Director Iris Moon mentioned “It was great to see the different speakers and learn more about the industry and what each studio is planning.” Iris specifically recalled liking ‘Game Narrative Summit: Interactive Pacing from the Museum Flashback Level in The Last of Us Part II’, where they gave great insight into the level of the game and how players think, and how their thinking encourages the developers to make changes and tweaks to the game. “It helped give a better understanding of studio life and the entirety of what goes into the creation of a game.”

As an avid gamer, Kelly Martin was excited to attend GDC and interact with clients and candidates in person rather than remotely. “It’s so crazy to finally put an actual human being to the name! I loved getting to make that personal connection with both clients and candidates in person.” When speaking about what she took home with her (aside from the freebies on the show floor!) Kelly said “I absolutely loved getting to sit in on some panels and really absorbed so much more information about the nitty-gritty of a lot of the roles we hire for.” 

If you’re looking for new opportunities or new team members to add to your team, reach out to our unrivaled experts in gaming recruitment to learn how to ace a virtual interview in 2020Don’t worry, we won’t let our energy and excitement from the event dwindle! We got to meet so many of you and learn alongside you all about the industry. We got to see a side of the job industry in gaming that we don’t normally get to see, so we have a much deeper understanding of the importance of the positions we help place. We would love to help place you in a position that would suit you, your skills, and your passion for gaming. Make sure you reach out to us today to see how we can help you and your staffing needs.

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