July 27, 2021
Recruiters at ggLocators

Recruiting requires a unique blend of industry expertise, networking mastery and personal drive to successfully recruit senior level talent. With the job market seeing an unprecedented uptick in movement, hiring managers need help keeping up with demand, and working with a seasoned recruiter could be the key. You may be feeling rushed making hires due to the high demand for candidates. Ask yourself:

  • Am I seeing an increase in resignations and subsequent open positions?
  • Am I having a hard time vetting and onboarding qualified candidates/new employees?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions may indicate it’s time to lean on a recruiter who specializes in your industry to help.

The current state of the job market is disconcerting to both business owners and hiring managers. Hiring managers are overwhelmed with jobs to fill and not enough qualified candidates for those roles. We are facing a bull employment market, which means that hiring managers are strained to locate and attract the best qualified talent because there is a high demand for these individuals. A seasoned recruiter that truly understands their business and the skill sets they are looking for, as well as their vast pipeline of candidates, is an invaluable tool for any hiring manager, especially in the post-pandemic climate. As expert recruiters in the gaming industry, we have seen it all, and know what you are going through. We have provided tips for hiring managers on how they can make the most out of their experience while working with a recruiter.

Build the Relationship

Building strong relationships in the workplace is known for increased productivity, personal development, and innovation and will be key to finding the perfect candidate. Open communication is essential to a healthy work relationship. If you can form a mutually beneficial relationship with a recruiter, chances are you are going to have better results when filling your open positions. It is important to discuss your communication style from the beginning so that there are no miscommunications or errors throughout the process.

Clearly Define Your Ideal Candidate

While working with a recruiter, it is important that you are both on the same page when searching for candidates. Everyone has a different level of standards when it comes to candidates. The recruiter’s job is to know your business and your needs, but the results they are able to produce directly correlates with the information they receive. Thorough parameters of the search will always yield the best candidates. When the hiring manager is interactive and engaged, the process goes by more smoothly. You do not want to hire someone for the sake of filling a role. You want to make sure that you find the perfect fit and get something accomplished. Prep work is one of the most important steps of the process because it is the initial step of engaging hiring managers. It is helpful to the recruiter if the hiring manager can provide examples of current employees that they like, or descriptions of previous employees that were the perfect candidate. Unfortunately, finding qualified candidates is going to be a difficult task due to the current state of the market. Companies are having to get creative and focus more on soft skills that candidates can transfer into a new but different role. If you are having major problems, reconsider your wants and needs in a candidate. Lay out what skills are essential vs. nice to have. With the high demand for skilled candidates but relatively lower number of compatible talent, you may have to try to identify transferrable skills in another suitable candidate, with the goal of training them on the nuances and niche focus areas as you go.

Help the Recruiter Understand Your Goals

The greatest recruiting success stories occur when the recruiter has a clear and concrete understanding of what the hiring manager wants. Being as detailed as possible is important to avoid any miscommunication or disappointment throughout the process. Try to identify some deal breakers in the beginning. This way you are setting the standards and expectations from the start. Describe not only your ideal candidate and what positions need to be filled, but also the dynamic of your team, what your team stands for, what the job position will look like now as well as down the line, projects they will be working on, etc. With all of this information, the recruiter will be able to be very transparent with candidates and report back with more detail to the hiring manager.

Participate in the Candidate Sourcing Process

Recruiters are there to source for candidates, but it never hurts to participate in the process. Providing inside information and knowledge can take the sourcing process to the next level. The hiring manager may know certain places to look for candidates, or places where their candidates go to search for jobs that the recruiter was unaware of. Another reason to participate in the sourcing process is that time is of the essence. The faster you complete the process, the better chance you have at choosing from your original candidate pool. Chances are, you are not the only place that the candidate applied, so they may accept offers before you get through the process if you are not quick enough.

Choosing Your Recruitment Partner

ggLocators is a laser-focused contract staffing and executive search firm highly specialized in sourcing and placing top tier talent in gaming, esports, and extended reality industries. We are the unrivaled experts in gaming recruitment, and we are here to help with all of you hiring needs. We understand what it takes to match senior level talent into the best job openings. The hiring process does not need to be a stressful and dreadful process. Leave it to us to do the work and make your job easier. We can work together to produce the best results and expand the growing community in the gaming industry!

Visit www.gglocators.com/contact-us/ to learn more about how to get involved and start working with a recruiter!