February 15, 2022
how to hire top talent in gaming industry

Video games and extended reality capabilities like virtual reality and augmented reality have never been as popular as they are today. The COVID-19 pandemic and fast-developing technologies accelerated gaming adoption in recent years. Consider:

The video game market is expected to exceed $200 billion worldwide in 2023, while mobile gaming in the U.S. is expected to grow from $10 billion in 2019 to more than $11.35 billion by 2025. This explosion of growth is bringing more workers into the industry, in fast-growing roles like special effects artists and animators, software developers, web developers and digital designers.

For companies looking to hire professionals in the gaming or extended reality industries, here are some tips for attracting and hiring top talent.

Create Effective Job Descriptions

Refine your candidate pool by attracting the right applicants. Create detailed job descriptions that clearly state the skills you’re looking for in a position. These may include specific technical skills like Javascript, C++, Linux, Golang and/or DevOps, as well as transferable skills like UX design, data analysis, product launches, collaboration and communication.

The job description should also include any preferred education or certification, as well as the amount of experience you’re looking for. Explain:

  • The purpose of the role and how it contributes to the company
  • Typical duties
  • Type of work environment

Since the pandemic, many employees prefer having at least a hybrid, if not fully remote, work option. If you’re able to offer this for a position, highlight this benefit in the job description to attract a wider pool of candidates.

Promote Company Benefits

Tell candidates why you’re a great company to work for. When you’re hiring, promote your employer benefits, like:

  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance
  • Wellness programs
  • Tuition assistance
  • Retirement account matching

Since the gaming industry is so competitive these days, benefits like the ones above could be the deciding factor for where top candidates choose to work. It can help to research what your competitors offer and survey your employees on what they value, so you can offer candidates what they’re looking for in a job.

Show Off Company Culture

Create a clear vision of your company culture so you can share those values with talented candidates and hire people whose values align with your company’s. According to “Harvard Business Review,”65% of employees would rather have a lower salary and 26% of people would rather have a lesser title than work for an employer whose workplace environment is negative.

On your company website, enable visitors to “meet” your leadership, by reading about executives in bios or by watching videos that introduce them. Mention any team-building activities your company participates in, such as gaming conferences or volunteer outings.

Show off successful projects and feature the team members who contributed to them. Add employee testimonials that convey why your company’s a great place to work. Explain how your company prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion among your workforce.

Make sure you have an active presence on social media sites, too, since Glassdoor reports 79% of job seekers research companies on social media. Align the content of your posts with your company’s mission and culture. Have someone monitor your accounts so that the channels provide prompt customer service and interactions with followers.

Use a Talent Network

Many times, the best candidates come from referrals from experts in the field. These experts include both:

Your employees know what kinds of skills will benefit their teams, so get their input during the hiring process. You might enlist your employees to help you create more effective job descriptions and to reach out to their professional networks on sites like LinkedIn to promote job openings. Some companies offer a referral bonus to employees for successful hires.

It can also be beneficial to work with a gaming and extended reality recruiter that’s actively curating a database of talent. A recruiter has access to professionals who may be the perfect fit for your company. The recruiter can speed up your time-to-hire by identifying the exact talent you need and matching you up with a culture fit. That can increase retention and help you cultivate talent long-term, which is important, considering the average turnover rate of gaming professionals is 2 to 5 years.If you’re interested in engaging with a gaming and gamification recruiter, contact ggLocators for a free consultation.