June 16, 2021
Ryan Yancey | ggLocators Team

We are pleased to welcome our new Recruiter and subject matter expert, Ryan Yancey to the ggLocators team!

Ryan completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at California State University – Fullerton. He is originally from Mission Viejo, California, but now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a lifelong gamer, Ryan has a strong passion for the gaming industry and is enthusiastic about contributing to ggLocators, while gaining a new perspective on life. He said, “I never thought my knowledge of video games could come into play in a professional manner. I’m excited to bring my vast experience as a gaming enthusiast to the table to recruit new talent for career placement.”

A Passion for Gaming

Ryan’s passion for gaming began when he was very young. He played Nintendo with his father as a boy and fell in love with video games, leading him to play a variety of games and consoles, and to even build a gaming computer from scratch. This personal experience gives him a well- rounded perspective of the gaming world as an end user, which he combines with his professional background in Sales in this new role.

ggLocators’ Team of Unrivaled Experts

When asked what attracted him to working at ggLocators, Ryan said his background in sales and business administration, as well as his knowledge for the industry and a love for working with people, are a perfect blend for ggLocators. His skills align with ggLocators’ focus on matching industry-specific talent with the right employers. He said, “I enjoy the challenge of finding talent along with convincing that talent that you have the best fit for them, which many of the times we do! In this role, I hope to help our clients fill their roles with the best talent I can find them. I also look forward to growing within the company and someday gaining a leadership role.”

Outside the Office

In his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also likes playing video games, board games, and watching games on Twitch!

The ggLocators team welcomes Ryan and looks forward to helping him grow and succeed throughout his career while also serving this rapidly growing niche industry.