March 20, 2023

Any social media channel your gaming firm has a presence on can affect how candidates view your business. In 2022, internet users spent an average of 2.5 hours a day on social networking sites, according to Statista. Social media is where talent may:

  • Learn about your company for the first time
  • See what others are saying about your firm’s business, company culture and other factors that could impact their desire to work for you
  • Research your company if they’re considering working there

Social media is a great way to connect with potential and existing customers, but it can also impact your ability to recruit and attract top gaming talent. Here’s why you should consider social media strategy for your studio’s recruiting strategy.

1. Social Media May Be Talent’s First Impression of Your Brand

First impressions can make a big impact in person and online. According to, negative information is 63% more likely to be clicked on than positive information. If someone’s sharing something negative about your brand on social media, it’s going to attract more clicks than something positive.

That’s why social media monitoring matters. There may be inaccurate information being spread about your firm. A social media manager can monitor chatter and work on building a supportive community that shares positive, accurate information about your brand. That way, people who are learning about your gaming studio for the first time are more likely to have a positive first impression.

2. Social Media Channels Represent Your Brand

Speaking of first impressions, if someone is considering applying for a job with your firm, they might head to your social channels to research your business. Issues like typos, a lack of community management and negative sentiment on your pages can all reflect poorly on your brand.

“Little” things like the wrong phone number, spelling mistakes or links to broken web pages all represent your brand. A user might be led to believe your company isn’t professional or detail-oriented, which could be a turn-off.

Also, the way your brand interacts with community members can reflect on your business. For example, if someone posts a complaint about your business online, but none of your team members respond, that could give the impression your business doesn’t care about customers.

Businesses should look at social media channels as an extension of their brand, just like a website represents a gaming studio. When people type in a company name, social media channels often land in the top results. A strong social media strategy can help a gaming studio build a positive impression on those channels.

3. Social Media Can Show Off Your Company

Company culture increasingly matters for job seekers today. According to Business News Daily, 77% of workers would consider a company’s culture before working there. One place people go to research company culture is social media.

Social media channels are great places to show off your company culture. Your gaming firm can use these channels to share company-related content like:

  • New hire announcements
  • Open positions
  • Team-building events
  • Company volunteering and nonprofit donation efforts
  • A day in the life of employees at your studio
  • Projects you’re currently working on

You can use social media to show candidates what working for your studio would be like. Content like employee spotlights show your firm is invested in your talent. You can use social media to highlight opportunities employees  at your firm have, whether that’s working on a groundbreaking project, or giving back to your community during team volunteer outings.

4. Social Media Helps You Build a Strong Candidate Pipeline

With positive social media content that represents your brand in the best light, you can use your social media channels to build your talent pipeline. Social media can help you grow awareness for your brand, which puts you in the mind of more top candidates.

With social media, you can:

  • Gain visibility by crafting search-focused posts and by using trending hashtags
  • Interact positively with leads and customers, who might refer your business as a great place to work to their contacts
  • Participate in industry-related discussions that position your studio as a thought leader to build trust and authority in your industry
  • Turn your current employees into brand advocates, who share your engaging social media content on their own pages with their own networks

Once you’ve created strong social media communities, it will be easier for you to gain visibility for your open job positions, as well. A community that engages with your brand can help spread the word about your open positions. That enables you to save time on recruiting and hiring, since your social media followers can help promote your company.

Need Help with Recruiting? Contact ggLocators

Your social media strategy can directly impact your hiring success. It’s important to have someone monitoring your social media channel content and discussions, so you have an active brand presence on the channels many top candidates use on a daily basis.

If your gaming firm needs additional assistance in recruiting candidates, ggLocators can help. Contact us for a free consultation with our gaming recruiting team.