May 20, 2021
Kelly Greene Joins ggLocators as a Sourcer

We are excited to welcome Kelly Greene to the ggLocators team as a Sourcer!

Kelly completed her undergraduate studies at Roanoke College to obtain her degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Communication Studies. She grew up in Charlotte, NC, but ventured elsewhere in later years. She has been looking for a reason to come back to her hometown and ggLocators is the perfect solution!

Kelly’s Passion for the Game Industry

Kelly has always possessed a strong interest for the gaming industry. She has personal experience with PlayStation, PC gaming, Twitch Streaming, and a passion for the arts that make the experiences she enjoys possible. In her role as a talent Sourcer, she says that “speaking with and working with game artists all day has been super cool!”

Kelly previously worked in sales but wanted to find a company that aligned with her interests and appreciation for a fast-paced environment. She says, “I’m a gamer and an artist myself, so getting to connect top talent with industry-specific career opportunities is incredible. Because of my love for games, there was no question that ggLocators was the company I wanted to work with!”

Joining Our Team of Unrivaled Experts in Gaming Recruitment

She originally heard about ggLocators through a close connection in the recruitment industry and was thrilled to find a company that was right up her alley. When asked what she hopes to accomplish in her new role, she said “I hope to gain more knowledge about the gaming community and really learn how everything comes together, while finally starting my career in the industry I am passionate about. I love speaking with the candidates and hearing what games and projects they have worked on.”

Kelly is excited to be part of the continued growth in the game industry as she helps game professionals find career opportunities across the nation. She has connected with candidates with every level of experience from those who have contributed to shipping AAA titles to self-taught Environment Artists looking for their first job.

Outside the Office

Outside of the office, Kelly spends most of her time with her husband, Lucas, and her dog, Milo. Being a gamer, she also enjoys playing games like Rainbox Six: Seige and Modern Warfare!

We are beyond excited to welcome Kelly Greene to our team of unrivaled experts in gaming recruitment and look forward to seeing her continued success as part of the ggLocators team!