July 15, 2020

Gaming makes up a hundred-billion-dollar industry that’s rapidly growing to meet the demands of millions of players (and companies) worldwide, and that means that gaming companies are constantly recruiting employees for new projects and products. Get the job in gaming with ggLocators by using our tips and tricks below!

The video game industry presents some unique career challenges; for many, a career in gaming stems from a gaming passion as hours can be long and the work arduous. There are additional nuances unique to a career in the gaming industry like what to prepare for the interview, what to wear, and questions to ask during the interview. Here are a few quick tips for your next interview in the industry.


Dress a Level-Up from Your Interviewer

Gaming companies generally have a laid-back culture where you’ll rarely see anyone wearing a suit and tie. For an interview, business casual is most appropriate for most studio interviews. If you aren’t sure, just ask! However, hygiene is non-negotiable! Be sure that you are showered, clean-cut, wrinkle-free and smelling fresh for the interview.

Knowledge is King

If you aren’t familiar with the company (and its products) that you’re interviewing with you probably won’t get hired. You don’t need to be an expert on each product to land the job, but you must show a genuine interest in the existing products / games of the studio.

Prepare Portfolios and Samples

Whether you’re a designer, programmer, or artist, you should always have examples of your work to walk through during your interview. Being prepared to demonstrate your past successes or projects can set you apart from the crowd. Don’t forget to critique yourself! It’s important to show that you can find improvement points in your own work. If you can’t disclose the project due to an NDA – that’s okay. An interview should be more about your ability to perform rather than the projects that you’ve worked on.

Interview the Interviewer

Ask specific questions to learn more about the studio or company that you’re interviewing with.

  • How long have you been with the company and what do you like most about it?
  • How do you encourage employees’ personal and career growth?

By the end of your interview, you should have gained additional insight into the organization that you hope to be a part of. It’s no surprise that the hiring process in the game industry is as tough as the work that goes into producing quality games. Remember to stay positive throughout your career search and take each interview as an opportunity to learn and develop!


If you’re having trouble matching your skills to the right career path or having trouble finding the right talent for your open position, ggLocators can help. As a laser-focused staffing firm in the game industry, we specialize in the gaming, AR / VR, and eSport industries with many opportunities across North America. Reach out to one of our precision players in gaming recruitment to get the job in gaming with ggLocators!

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