June 03, 2021
Aaron Hill | ggLocators Intern

We are happy to welcome Aaron Hill to the ggLocators team as one of our new interns!

Aaron is a rising Junior at the George Washington University, studying Computer Science. He will obtain his Bachelor of Science degree in May of 2023. He was originally born in Houston, Texas, but moved to the Charlotte area at the age of 5 so that his father could pursue his career in IT management. Aaron has a passion for building and understanding computers, and the endless possibilities that come from having computer science related skills.

Aaron says his interest in gaming began at a young age when he would play educational games on his family computer. This then evolved into him spending countless hours playing video games with his friends from school. He says, “I have a passion for computer science. I have known since middle school that this is the career path I want to pursue, and so far, I am enjoying everything about it.” He also has an interest in the recruiting industry. He says this comes from his desire to learn more about the process of finding a job after college, specifically in the technology or gaming industry. Both of Aaron’s interests align perfectly with ggLocators!

One of Aaron’s good friends referred him to ggLocators. He says, “I wanted to work at ggLocators because I hoped it would help me gain a better understanding of what recruiting in the technology industry is like. So far it certainly has! When asked about what he hopes to learn or gain during his time at ggLocators, he says “I hope to be as helpful and resourceful as possible in this role. I have a lot to learn, not only about recruiting, but about conducting myself in a professional environment and managing my time. I look forward to becoming more experienced in all of these areas.”

Outside of the office, he spends a lot of his time learning about and working on music production as well as coding side projects. He also enjoys watching basketball, particularly the NBA.

Aaron has already been such a wonderful help to our team, and we look forward to seeing his continued growth and progress in the gaming and technology industry!